The five love languages is a method of identifying how best you experience love and how the important people in your life experience love. This knowledge can greatly improve your relationships. Each person is thought to have one primary love language and one secondary.

The five possible types are:

1. Receiving Gifts:

If your love language falls under this category, you are someone that enjoys receiving gifts. These gifts do not have to be expensive, it is the mere though put into them that you value.

2. Quality Time:

This language is about appreciation for undivided attention. You feel most loved when your loved ones pay attention to you, without external distractions. It is important for your time to valued and your thoughts to be heard.

3. Words of Affirmation:

You put a great importance on words. Being told you are loved and valued make you feel the best. You rely on compliments to feel emotionally fulfilled. However, hearing words of criticism can be very painful to you.

4. Acts of Service:

You follow the principal that actions speak louder than words. You feel most valued when others do things for you. If someone volunteers to lighten your load, it makes you feel loved. Laziness and broken promises can be hurtful to those with this love language.

5. Physical Touch:

You enjoy physical affection. This can include small interactions such as a pat on the back or a touch of the arm. Being touched makes you feel recognised and valued. However, instances of physical violence towards you are detrimental and can make you feel deeply unvalued.

In conclusion:

There are many different ways to receive and give love to others. Careful observation of your loved ones will help you recognise their love language. Acknowledgement of their language could help you express your affection in a way that is more meaningful to them. If you would like to identify your own love language, the quiz can be taken here.

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