My profile for affordable online therapy is now live here on fiverr.

If you require a listening ear and are unable to afford a traditional face-to-face therapy then this may be right for you! Also suitable for those that are unable to leave their homes or see someone face to face due to their mental health problems.

I look forward to talking to you and providing you with the best care possible.

5 thoughts on “We Are Now Offering Affordable Online Therapy!

  1. Fascinating, but put me down as skeptical. Over my long lifetime, I’ve had talk therapy for extended periods with two different therapists. By extended periods, I mean every two weeks or so for two years or more. One of my therapists was a somewhat-qualified counselor, and the other was a highly qualified full PhD clinical psychologist. They were both helpful. I think for me, the reassuring part of talk therapy was simply having a human being who would listen to me in an uncritical way, without passing judgment. Often, the therapists would “feed back” to me what I had told them, using the same or different wording. “So, what I hear you saying is that you feel . . . “ I did most of the talking. The therapists did help me try to understand what was going on with me, and they did suggest possible coping mechanisms. But they did not promise, and I did not expect, quick and easy answers. I think that simply talking out loud about my problems helped me to understand them, and the information and suggestions from the therapists was also beneficial. I don’t know if that kind of therapy is possible via text messaging. If I had a problem with my car, I could email or text my mechanic, “I hear a funny noise when I step on the brakes, and the car is not stopping very well.” The mechanic could text me back, “Based on what you tell me, I think we probably need to replace the brake pads.”

    I do think talk therapy might be possible via live telephone conversation. John

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    1. I agree that nothing can replace face-to-face therapy. There are many little indicators you get from a person’s body language and tone of voice which can allow you to figure out of they are being truthful or how they are feeling. You simply cannot get this with text-based therapy. I equate it to a form of self-help book with some personalised guidance. There can be many unique benefits to text based counselling but it entirely depends on a persons needs.

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