Dark therapy is the practice of keeping people in complete darkness for periods of time in an attempt to treat psychological conditions. The human body produces melatonin hormone which is responsible for supporting the circadian rhythms.

Dark therapy blocks blue wavelength lights to stop the disintegration of melatonin and helps improve the health of human body. It can also relatively minimize headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, and more.[

The idea originated in 1998 from research which suggested that systematic exposure to darkness might alter people’s mood.[ More recently, with the discovery of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, it has been hypothesized that similar results could be achieved by blocking blue light, as a potential treatment for bipolar disorder.

14 thoughts on “What is Dark Therapy?

    1. I also enjoy the dark especially when I wake up early before it get light. I sit and drink my cup of coffee in the dark of dawn and it seems to relax me while I plan my day.
      There is a prophesy about God sending three days of total darkness soon because of the corruption, perhaps this darkness will be His way of getting us to think about what we are doing to each other and the world in general. Google “three days of darkness” for more.

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  1. I like to spend January without going anywhere or seeing or talking anyone on the weekends. I close my bedroom door. I allow myself to stay in bed all day if I feel like it and sleep or read or surf the net, but I don’t watch TV or movies (not even YouTube, etc.). I ask nothing of myself other than what is absolutely necessary. I make lists and write notes to myself and letters to others that I may or may not send. I get up when I feel like it and sleep or daydream as I am inclined. I eat canned soup and munch on avocados or raspberries or food that doesn’t require any ‘cooking.’ I do no laundry and I wash dishes only as I use them.
    I am now retired, but I did this to some extent even when my children were small and when I was working. Even a few hours each weekend with a babysitter (or husband or relative) to help out can clear out the cobwebs of the mind.
    I emerge refreshed, reorganized and usually several pounds slimmer.

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