Gillette’s latest ad has people either up in arms or jumping with joy. The controversial ad is centred around our societies ideas of masculinity and how certain beliefs about ‘manliness’ can be harmful to both men and society in general.

Those that oppose the ad say it victimises women and is suggesting that masculinity in itself is toxic. However, that is not the definition of the term ‘toxic masculinity’. Toxic masculinity is the idea that societal expectations of a mans role can be damaging to men. We see this with the ‘you need to man up’ rhetoric when it comes to mental health and how that can lead to undiagnosed and untreated depression in men. Masculinity can have many benefits in society and some expectation for women are imposed by other women.

Many were also quick to point out the hypocrisy of Gillette. The pink tax was brought up in the debate. The pink tax is where women are charged more than products for products such as razors. Another argument made was that women were objectified by them for advertising, with the above image attached.

Let us know your thoughts on the advert. Do you think it was a positive ad encouraging men to step up? Or do you think the ad shames and robs men of their masculinity?

20 thoughts on “Gillette’s Ad on ‘Toxic Masculinity’

  1. A father breaking up a fight… an adult stepping in when a boy is being bullied… a guy telling his friend to cool it when he’s harassing a passerby. I can’t begin to understand who these people are who find this offensive. Probably the same ones who think Kavanaugh’s near rape of his classmate was just normal “boy behavior.” I tried (briefly) to get the date of the blue suit picture above, but I couldn’t. Society is changing, and so are norms. The stuff that was fun and games in movies from the eighties is now roundly criticized as abhorrent. I’m sure that many of the people complaining about this ad would view me as yet another liberal snowflake who doesn’t know how to have fun, but in the past I’ve done some stuff that embarrasses me and leaves me wishing I could apologize to some long lost acquaintances. Sure, Gillette hasn’t been perfect, maybe even recently. But they are learning, just like the rest of us. I doubt they will sexualize an advertisement like this in the future. If everyone with past questionable behavior was muzzled, no one would say anything.

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  2. I haven’t seen but do know someone will always have a problem with something or everything. Take R. Kelly, now that’s blatant and his ass is getting kicked for being a pig. I’m glad Sony dropped him, I hope it’s a position they take as a company and not just because of the uproar. Good topic. It’ll be interesting to see what you hear.

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  3. It doesn’t matter how Gillette would have framed the issue, half the people would have been up in arms. Advertising has to be so politically correct – and it’s impossible. This is why I no longer own a TV and do not tolerate commercials. I will not agree to having my psyche over run by someone else’s opinion – unless of course it is an ad I created 🙂

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  4. When I saw a friend of mine ranting that we should all boycott Gillette over the ad I decided to watch it and see what all the fuss is about. I see how it could be taken as “most men are brutish lechers or complicit in the terrible behavior of other men” if you went into it expecting that message. However, what I saw was primarily an encouragement for men to protect the victimized and confront and/or counsel the victimizers. I think this is a message that people need to hear (whether to promote some self-evaluation or encourage continued integrity). Whether a preachy advertisement is the best venue for that message might be up for debate, but might not the level of rage directed against it says something about people’s hearts and consciences?

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  5. I personally don’t see how the picture above has anything to do with men other than giving them want they are are drawn to in the form fitting outfits, intentionally posed to tempt (or please) them, with the ropes adding a direct message.
    Oh and Gillette being the sponsor might remind them they need to shave.
    Just another typical commercial.

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  6. I don’t see anything wrong with the Gillette ad.

    I will go a step further, though. People know about the expression of “political correctness gone mad.” Well, I think that some of the reactions are an example of political incorrectness gone mad. Namely, the fact that an anti-bullying, anti-catcalling, anti-sexual harassment ad (things that should be part of a noncontroversial standard of human decency) is viewed by so many as “too PC” is I think an example of political incorrectness gone mad.

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  7. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and liking my post. Your encouragement is a big boost for amateurs like me. Hope to create better posts and receive more feedback in the future.

    I watched the ad after reading your post and didn’t find anything offensive about it. Truth is, I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about.

    Best Regards,


  8. The ad looks sexist to me. And I never thought I was one to carry the cross about objectifying women, but alas I find it insulting. I wouldn’t put any name on my ass, much less a corporate name! Ugh!


  9. This ad looks like progression to me, what we are seeing in our society is this all or nothing belief system which has left so many of us with nothing. Small imperfect steps are important, they speak of improvement, they move people as a whole toward a more understanding norm, they lead us to a better tomorrow. We may have to embrace hope and cynicism a bit more in order to become a more empathic society, but I appreciate the fact that big business is at least attempting to make their profits by taking an improved stance on our current culture.

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  10. I think that any company that produces an advertisement that denigrates or criticizes their core consumer deserves to be out of business. I’ve never used Gillette products, I’m a dollar shave club guy, but jeez. If I were a customer, I would have stopped purchasing their products the day this came out.

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