Humility is vital in living an ethical life. However, it often gets a bad rep. Celebrating your own success shows that you value yourself and it can make you seem like a confident go-getter. Whereas humility is synonymous with meekness, which often isn’t praised in our society. Humbleness is often overlooked and you can’t exactly go around telling people how humble you are, because how humble can you be by tooting your own horn? Research shows that people are rarely good for its own sake, so is there any purpose or value in humility?

1. Allows you to have the possibility to grow.

When a person is too proud, it results in them believing they know everything. When an individual thinks they know everything, they will stop learning and growing. Admitting you don’t know everything, allows you to be more curious and learn more to better yourself. In order to be more humble, recognise that you do not know everything and there is always room for improvement. Try to see the ways in which you can improve and grow. Ask other people questions and really listen. Everyone has something they can teach you.

2. People can feel connected to you.

Egotistical people can be hard to relate to whereas those that acknowledge they are not perfect display an admittance of being human. Relatability makes people more likeable. This will also make you a better team player and leader. To be more humble, let people see the parts of you that aren’t so great. When others see your growth it is inspiring and makes you seem more personable. Emphasise the effort you put in rather than the end results.

3. Humility shows you are grateful

Those that are not humble tend to think they achieve things by themselves and ignore the people and circumstances that helped them succeed. Make sure you acknowledge the people around you that have helped you get to where you are and be someone elses guide. Reach out to your parents, friends, teachers, bosses and anyone else that has been of influence. Also be aware of the unique opportunities and advantages life has given you.

4. Greater emotional resilience.

Arrogant people feel constantly threatened and have difficulty taking criticism. This puts them in a state of stress which can be detrimental to health and wellbeing. Being humble allows you to cope with criticism because you are already evaluating yourself and know your downfalls as well as what you are good at. Being humble also allows you to recognise that other peoples reactions and thoughts are not always about you.

How do you exercise humility? What do you consider to be some benefits of being humble? Do you disagree with any of these points? Let us know what you think below! 🙂

10 thoughts on “How to be Humble and Why you Should

  1. Humility is one of the most important qualities we can possess, besides love. Humility is essential because it shows that as humans we recognize that we are not perfect, and that any gift we might have comes from God, and credit should go to Him, not ourselves, when we are being praised for some achievement or unique accomplishment that people admire. Remembering that no matter how much we know, it pales in comparison to what God knows, should keep us humble. 😊

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  2. Thanks for following Daily Ramblings. I really appreciate it. Your article on Humility is terrific! This is one of the character traits I’ll be working on this year as I pursue a Franklin-Like process to add character traits I think I am falling short on. Keep up the good work! ~ Dave

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  3. Excellent post. People who lack humility are often arrogant and I usually find that arrogance goes hand in hand with a feeling of inferiority. Learning and gaining knowledge has always been important to be and I never feel threatened or in any way diminished if someone can teach me something. Looking forward to browsing your blog.

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  4. This is an important subject, one that’s intrigued me a lot. I wonder if humility is something I can take on, or is it life’s experiences and insights that humble me. Curious what you think.

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