The longer you’re in a relationship the more likely it is you will at some point wonder whether it would be a good idea to take a break from your relationship. There can be many good reasons to take a break but it may also be because you or your partner doesn’t see a future in your relationship.

Hearing your partner say that they want a break can be a terrifying thing. It feels the same as a breakup but you are left with a lot of uncertainty which can cause you to feel anxious. However, this time apart does not have to be a bad thing. It can give you time to reflect on your relationship too and rediscover yourself. This can improve your relationship once you are back together. Even if one of you decide to call it quits, you will be better able to cope if you have had a break prior. Breaks can serve as transitional periods between being in a relationship and being single.

Having a break will allow you to take the time and space to think about what it is you really want and need in a relationship. When we are with our partners it can be difficult to view the relationship objectively as we are consumed with our feelings. If you are on a break you can have the distance you need in order to take a more rational look at your relationship.

You can gouge whether you actually miss this person when you’re apart or if life is better without them in it. Our significant others should add to our life, not take away from it. You may find you prefer life without this person or you may find that you would rather not live life without them. Regardless, you will realise how you truly feel about the person you are with and the space could make the heart grow fonder.

Sometimes when we are in long term relationships we can lose who we really are and become one with our partners. A break can help you figure out what you really enjoy and value in your life – separate from your partner. You can take this time to develop the parts of you that don’t get as much focus when you are with your partner. Sometimes growing on our own is the best way to continue growing together.

In Conclusion…

Breaks can be terrifying if you believe your relationship could suffer, but in the end, it will help you figure out what you really want in a relationship. They can help you grow as an individual. It may help even help you grow closer to your partner. If it creates more distance, it is likely due to the fact there was already an issue in your relationship and the break has just hurried things along. Even so, this is ultimately a good thing. We don’t want to waste time with the wrong person, right?

Let us know your thoughts on taking a break in a relationship in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Is ‘taking a break’ in a relationship healthy?

  1. I fully agree with this. I felt the need to seperate and my husband refused for so ling. He became bitter and then angry and there was an event which caused us to have to seperate. Now we are living seperate lives, I have the children and my life is much easier honestly without him. No more walking on eggshells. He misses the family but he sure does not handle stress well, so anger management may be helping. Eitherway, I’m fine if we do not get back together, even though love him dearly. The person he is seems much lighter and gentler when he has his freedom and i am happy for him.

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  2. I loved this article. Life is not a dress rehearsal and we need to look at our relationships objectively enough to determine if the foundation of the relationship is strong enough to support our individual growth. Similarly, a relationships growth is also dependent on our individual capacity to realize areas of interest and growth to bring to the relationship as a means to spice things up when the firework of initial love begin to fade.

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  3. I think space in a relationship is a good thing. It allows you to get out of your emotions and focus on yourself and in doing so, insights come up daily…. as said in your article… is my life better or worse with this person, how much care there is between two people, are we growing?.

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  4. I think communication and therapy that both parties actually participate in contribute to is a better solution but both people have to be in it 100% without question or it won’t work. I think separating is just a pre divorce matinee but if space is what one person desires then it’s probably too late for therapy.

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  5. I agree with the article 100%. There are people who seem to be content to just go along their merry way and they can be happy with that. Then, there are others who are always reaching for the stars. A break can be very upsetting to the former, and freeing to the latter. Communication, often difficult for the ‘reacher’ to do because they may not want to hurt their partner or just can’t seem to get the point across, may be considered unnecessary by the one who is happy. In such a case, resentment can grow and fester until it is unmanageable. Taking a time out lets people ensure that they are living the kind of life they’ve envisioned and have prepared for, and not merely staying together out of fear or loneliness.

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  6. The dance is to learn about time together and time apart. Taking a break in a relationship simply means this valuable lesson isn’t learned yet. Older couples often don’t even sleep in the same bedroom, yet they do have their cuddle time. Time apart once a week or two is actually a good thing. Just because we’re lovers doesn’t mean we loose ourselves in each other. So time apart allows our own individual passions to flourish, which in itself gives us something new to share, and grows our sense of personal empowerment. When this empowerment is supported by both partners it only enriches the relationship.
    My blessings to you…

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  7. Not tried it myself, and I can imagine you decide to take a break (healthy). But when you return to continue where you wan to go further and your partner has decided to move on… thanks for the post, interesting.

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